Making a new MOVIE!!!!!! FOR FLASH!!!!!! Wo0t!!!!!!

2010-08-17 16:03:33 by kfdwiki

So, here's the deal. I'm making a new Flash Rainbow Math movie. In the process. In the making. In your mom. HAHAHAHAH!!!! PW'N!!!! Ah, I'm just kidding. But could you imagine if I were like that?

Anyways, so the new movie will take pretty longer than usual, I give it a week or two. But in the mean time, I would go to the website and check out some of the features until then. Or just go on Newgrounds and watch other crap by other people! I just saw this new cartoon animated by [insert name here] titled "Bear Bear". Truly amazing work of art, I'd go check it out.

Until next time, NPC!!!!


Making a new MOVIE!!!!!! FOR FLASH!!!!!! Wo0t!!!!!!


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2010-08-17 16:05:10

If you want to know the website name, go on my Newgrounds page and click "Visit Kfdwiki's Site". Adious!


2010-08-21 06:38:43

Hey. No one gives a shit go kill yourself, faggot.

kfdwiki responds:

The people at Newgrounds are so niiiiiiice.